‘Increasing Energy Access through Enterprise’ Toolkit

The wikipage of USAID on ‘Increasing Energy Access through Enterprise’, is featuring a case study on Zara Solar, Mwanza, Tanzania. The website seems very informative, with practical tools (see toolkit).http://energyaccess.wikispaces.com/

The resources in this “Wikispace” are meant to serve two purposes: (1) to serve as a “filing cabinet” of information and resources that can be used, collaboratively debated and brought up to date; and (2) as a home for a toolkit of materials — presentations and spreadsheets, guidebooks and learning manuals, case studies of what works and what has failed, reference documents and videos. The audience is a diverse group of development practitioners, government officials and energy entrepreneurs.

This “toolkit” is informed by practical experiences that on the one hand have been successful, scaleable and self-sustaining, and on the other by things that have been, at best, partially successful. The toolkit is organized by topic and also by type of resource as described on the following page.


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