Solar charged phones launched in Tanzania

Tanzanians have been urged to use environmentally friendly mobile phones to support global initiatives to reduce the impact of climate change.

The call was made by the Minister of State in the Vice-President’s Office (Environment) Dr Batilda Buriani in Dar es Salaam on Thursday when launching the environmental friendly mobile phone which will run on solar power.

She said the mobile phone which has been launched by Vodacom Tanzania will help to preserve the environment and reduce dependence on electricity.

She said the cellular phones have come at the right time when Tanzania and other countries in Africa are facing serious power problems.

She said though the number of mobile phone users in Africa has increased by 50 percent, millions more cannot access the service due to power problems.

Dr Buriani said the solar charged cellular phones will help Tanzanians living in rural areas to get relevant agricultural information especially on markets.

“People in rural areas have for years not benefited from mobile phone services due to power problems, but currently they can enjoy modern communications by simply exposing their cellular phones to light”, said Dr Buriani.

She said Tanzania becomes the second country in East Africa to use the solar charged mobile phones after Uganda launched it last month. Vodacom Tanzania Director Dietlof Mare said his company was improving the communication industry by giving customers modern advanced products.

He said since most Tanzanians in rural areas are low income earners, they have decided to sell the solar charged phones at affordable price of 50,000/-.

Mare said his company has so far been successful in its recent M-PESA service with more than one million people registered to use it countrywide. He said more than 16bn/- is transacted through M-PESA every month.




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