Power generation enhanced by downpours

POWER generation has increased after heavy downpours across the country and reserve capacity of over 80megawatts is anticipated, the Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) has said.

The TANESCO Acting Communications Manager, Mr Chabby Barasa told the ‘Sunday News’ today that the report was derived from a recent review conducted between December, last year and early this month.

“There will be no load shedding. The next review is scheduled for tomorrow,” he said.
Mr Barasa added that weekly average available generation is expected to be about 638.5MW against weekly average demand of about 612MW.

According Mr Barasa the utilisation of thermal generation has been reduced following the increase in hydroelectricity.

He however said, “Kihansi 60MW unit 1 is still out of circuit due to a damaged runner and preparations for repairs are in progress. Restoration of the unit is expected by end of next month.”

The news of stable power generations brings hope and buries last year’s experiences, particularly in October, when the company plunged into a power crisis that resulted in a countrywide 14 hour -power cut on a daily basis.

The rationing was largely attributed to the decrease in water levels at the main hydropower plants of Kihansi and Pangani which are now generating a total of 127MW.

Mr Barasa said that from the review SONGAS, average generation was (155MW), IPTL (10MW), Mtera (37MW), Kidatu (115MW), Kihansi (98MW), New Pangani (29MW), Hale and Nyumba ya Mungu (8MW and 3.5MW) respectively, Ubungo Gas Plant (98MW), Tegeta Gas Plant (13MW).

Source: The Daily News, january 9, 2010


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