Solar power to benefit villagers

Residents of 11 villages in Kisarawe District will this year benefit from a solar power project to be financed by the Sun Bio-fuels firm.

Under the project, the company, which has invested in a bio-fuel project in the district, planned to spend up to 50,000 sterling pounds for distributing solar power panels in the villages.

The company’s chief executive officer, Mr Richard Morgan said in Kisarawe recently that the project was meant to supply power to the community and create employment in the local community.

“We are aware that people are in need of water, fuel and infrastructure, and other related issues, but we also thought that power was also essential to them,” he said.

He said that, power was useful especially during this time when Africa for the first time will be hosting the World Cup in South Africa, saying: “It is not fair to deny people from watching the football tournament.”

According to Mr Morgan, his company was working in partnership with Philips International in order to bring opportunity and light to the local communities.

Mr Morgan added that, his firm expected to conduct a pilot study in August in order to establish the actual cost for supplying energy to more villages.

The bio-fuel project, which started early this year in the eleven villages in Kisarawe district, is expected to offer employment opportunities to more than 2,000 youths from the surrounding villages.

Source: The Citizen


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