Solar lanterns charging station

Solar lanterns charging station

I saw a very interesting project today on solar lanterns charging. An entrepreneur is supported to set up a solar charging station and lantern users are charged a certain amount of money every time they bring the lanterns for charging. The entrepreneur also maintains the lanterns and follow up with users to make sure that they charge their lights as required and do not abuse them. The technology is well researched and tested in different places.

This could be a very simple way to reach many people with better lighting, promoting entrepreneurship, income generation, cost saving and many more.


2 thoughts on “Solar lanterns charging station

  1. What a simple and best solution to access light. Could be the same as one at Faraja Diaconic Centre back to those days eeh……..wonderful

    1. I miss those days! I believe that we were in the right direction but that the environment and timing was not. I am still pursuing these ideas and next time will be much better.

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