Solar PV building integration

The idea to use solar PV to generate electricity in this building came already late. The orientation and slope of the roof are not suitable. The architecture and the generate electricity with PV with the grid tied system is superb. Can’t alter the building now but something can be done on the PV array may be. If there is suitable space somewhere the PV array could be relocated. Let me know your ideas.

Affordable power better tool of regional integration

East Africa can build roads, commission regional railways and port projects but all that will amount to nothing if the people will not have affordable electricity so that they can produce goods at affordable cost for cost-effective exchange on the improved infrastructure within the region. Integration can then take a natural course.

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KYOCERA’s 315-Watt, 80-Cell Solar Module Launches in the U.S. | KYOCERA Solar, Inc.

Kyocera Solar, Inc. has announced the launch of its highest-output solar module, the 80-cell KD 315. The new module is ideal for large-scale installations like solar-covered parking, and is now available for U.S. customers

more information here KYOCERA’s 315-Watt, 80-Cell Solar Module Launches in the U.S. | KYOCERA Solar, Inc..