My Publications


1)     Sanga, New Low Cost Biogas Technology Introduced in Tanzania,, 2009

2)     Baking a Better Life, EASE Access Newsletter, February 2006

3)     Sanga, G. A., Evaluation of the economic impacts of energy efficiency improvement and fuel substitution in urban households in Tanzania, a paper presented to the Policy Dialogue Conference on the Role of Renewable Energy in Poverty Alleviation, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 2005,

4)     Jannuzzi, G. M., Sanga, G. A., LPG subsidies in Brazil, an estimate, Energy for Sustainable Development journal, VIII, No. 3, September, 2004, weblink:

5)     Sanga, G. A., Mourad, A. L, Cruz, C., Marcos, A., Eletrificação rural, benefícios em diferentes esferas, Rural electrification, benefits from different spheres, paper presented to the AGRENER GD 2004 – 5º Encontro de Energia no meío rural e geração distribuída, Campinas, October, 2004.


6)     Sanga, G. A., Meena S. B, Biofuel powered energy service platforms for rural energy services; design, installation, operation, maintenance and management”, TaTEDO, Dar es Salaam, August, 2008

7)     Sanga, G. A., Avaliação de impactos de melhoria de eficiência e substituição de combustíveis em residências urbanas na Tanzânia, Evaluation of the impacts of improving energy efficiency and cooking fuels substitution in Tanzania, Desertation presented for MSc. degree at State University of Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, official site:



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