PS: Collective efforts needed in addressing climate change

The Permanent Secretary in the Vice President’s Office, Lucy Mollel, has underlined the need for collective efforts in addressing issues related to climate change.

“It is prime time for everybody to play their role in conserving planet Earth’s environment…there is no need to point fingers on the government alone,” she said this when speaking in a dialogue organized by Global Environmental Facility (GEF).

She attributed the prevailing rainfall failure across the African continent to environmental degradation.

Mollel explained that global climate change had dragged the world into a catastrophic situation whereby there was a decrease of oceanic depth and depletion of ice in both Northern and Southern hemispheres.

“Water shortage in many parts of the country was a result of destruction of watersheds,” Mollel said, adding:

“The melting of ice has lead to the submergence of some important islands like Maziwe on the Indian Ocean.”

The PS further explained that Tanzania was among the countries that were hard hit by the impact of climate change.

“It is everybody’s role to conserve the environment, rather than look at it as a government affair alone,” she stressed.

Meanwhile, Director of Environment in the VPO, Erick Mgurusi has cited mining as one of the main agents contributing to environmental degradation.

Mugurusi therefore stressed the need to observe environmental laws when engaging in mining activities.



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