The Role of Women Entrepreneurs in Clean Energy

In addition to the resources-based empowerment – i.e. the provision of external support to women entrepreneurs such as market opportunities, business financing, knowledge and skill building or education, it is equally important to foster internal aspects such as such as self-esteem, personal power, reflective thinking to increase one’s capacity to take decisions and act towards one’s goals. This kind of empowerment focuses on fostering internal support- the psychological state that is necessary to enhance women entrepreneurs’ ability to formulate strategic choices and to control resources and decisions that affect their life outcomes.
This is from my experience in gender mainstreaming in energy projects and recent projects that I am involved with in partnership with the wPOWER.

Business Broken Down

The burden of energy poverty falls heavily upon the shoulders of women.

Lack of access to energy means that women are forced to rely on harmful, inefficient, and expensive sources of cooking, heating, and lighting.

Fortunately, these same women are the keys to eliminating energy poverty, spurring economic growth, and combating climate change.

The simple truth is that our hope for a low-carbon future lies in the hands of women entrepreneurs who can push for the adoption of renewable and sustainable sources of energy in underserved communities.

Here’s the case for women entrepreneurs in clean energy.


Energy Stats

  1. 1.2 billion people have no access to electricity; 620 million of them live in Sub Saharan Africa.
  2. 38% of the world’s population (2.7 billion people) relies on traditional and inefficient forms of cooking and heating.
  3. Household air pollution results in the deaths of 600,000 Africans yearly, with half of the…

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